Within the scope of the special programme for the ‘promotion of employment mobility among teenagers and young adults from Europe who are interested in vocational training’ (MobiPro-EU), the German Federal Government has provided support forEU citizens between the ages of 18 and 27 in attaining in-company vocational training in Germany since the beginning of 2013. The programme contributes to combating the high rate of youth unemployment within the EU, ensuring the potential of qualified workers in Germany, and promoting employment mobility. This special programme is managed by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (BMAS) and coordinated by the German Federal Employment Agency’s International Placement Service (ZAV).

MobiPro-EU provides support in placing candidates in vocational training schemes for professions experiencing personnel shortages. This assistance covers e.g. the costs of German language courses abroad and in Germany, as well as travel and relocation expenses, and when applicable, services to secure the subsistence of trainees and training support.

The guidelines and assistance catalogue were amended on 01/11/2013 and adjusted according to demand. The regulations governing assistance that came into effect on 24/07/2014shifted the programme from providing individual support to working with institutional partners that manage support projects.

Further information is available on the programme website

Since July 2013, we have assumed a caretaker role in supporting both businesses in the region that wish to train young EU citizens within the scope of the ‘MobiPro-EU’ programme, as well as programme applicants with all issues concerning individual, social, and professional integration and assimilation in the target region.

In addition, we sponsor the professional training of young EU citizens with a support scheme for current trainees (abH) http://cialisviagr..cialis/.

Support for current trainees is provided by qualified instructors, German language teachers, and social workers. This includes:

  • Remedial and special-needs education
  • German as a foreign language (special needs courses)
  • Assistance provided by social workers

Support for current trainees is provided at our locations in Oldenburg and Bad Zwischenahn and is conducted in close cooperation with the companies providing the professional training.

Our programme participants can complete a job placement or traineeship for the following professions:

  • Hotel Specialist
  • Catering Specialist
  • Cook
  • Painter
  • Baker
  • Confectioner
  • Hairdresser
  • Mechatronics Specialist
  • Flooring Technician
  • Dental Assistant
  • Construction Technician
  • Electronics Technician (Energy and Building Technology)
  • Electronics Technician

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